Systems and Processes

Free Systems Alignment

Are you still using word docs sent in emails or printing out schedules and to lists?

There are great tools out there but know which one and how to implement it with your team and get them to adopt it can be a real challenge.

I work with an off the shelf project management tool and give a free consultation on using the software if you use my affiliate link which will save you buckets of time.

It took me weeks to finally 'get' it and I can fast track you on that process.

Book a call and let's chat.

Custom built systems

If you could have a button that could do anything within your business, what would it do?

With a custom built system, the sky is the limit with what's possible.

We build all systems with your return on investment in mind so if you've got the stomach to invest in one, it'll be the best thing you can do for your business, especially if you get it done through Annexus.

We are not only competitive on price, but ensure high attention to detail, good commuication (biggest problem I've experienced with projects in the past) and understanding of the business needs beyond what is usually realised by the client.

IT Support

Wherever you have business systems, you need support.

I say to my clients, if you haven't got IT support and you're saving some money because of a new system we've implemented, get them protected.

There are certain protocols and measures that our IT guys make that just eliminate that small margin or error of things going wrong.

It could be more important than business insurance.

Do you know what security protocols are protecting your data? Do you even have a plan if a key machine in the office gets a virus?

Is the computer where you're storing customer data GDPR complient?

These are all the things that IT support takes care of and it's crucial that you get an audit and see where you're vulnerable.