Managing Director

Systems & Culture Consultant

Paul's is a coach/therapist/trainer come marketer entrepreneur and has worked through many challenges of becoming self-motivated without always having a team around him.

Having worked at Google's first public facing store, the Digital Garage in Sheffield, and as an approved trainer for EDF Energy at Hinckley point B, Paul understands the importance of team cohesiveness and has developed strategies for working with teams to improve productivity and happiness.

He's a lover of nature, music, design, energy, people and technology to name but a few. Paul is a big people person and is fascinated by most things.  He loves building systems and helping people uncover their innate qualities. 💖


Systems Consultant

& Head Web Developer

Shaun is a cybernetic engineer, consultant, web lead and owns his own business, Cultrix.  He has extensive experience with IT systems and full system builds - not just websites. He's known for making systems that generate more money through efficiencies. 

Shaun is straight up factual and says thing as they are. He's great at empowering clients to be able to do things for themselves rather than rely on us.

He likes to watch construction programmes, grand designs and loves the series Gold Rush. 🌟


Project Manager

& Web Developer

Matthew is our web systems project manager with an accounting background and has worked building systems for 10 years and there isn't much that he can't work out when it comes to problem solving.

He's got a great eye for detail and often spots things that the consultants have overlooked due to his unique perspective. 

It's essential to have someone like Matthew on the team and it wouldn't be the same without him.

He's the sporting buff on the team, plays football, goes to the gym and generally likes staying active. I think this warrants him the strong emoji. 💪