The Leader as Coach

How to empower your workforce, reduce stress and increase performance

Leader as Coach Training

Leader as coach training is designed to help supervisors, managers, and executives take a coaching approach in their leadership and management roles.

It is a skills-based, interactive course that trains participants in vital coaching skills, including:

  • How to shift your mindset from supervisor/manager to coach

  • How to support and challenge your best performers to greater levels of success

  • How to conduct a coaching conversation

  • How to seamlessly integrate coaching into your everyday interactions with direct reports

What to expect

Making the transition to leading through the art of coaching is pivotal in highly functioning and successful teams. Encouraging and nurturing individual talent in an environment of high trust gives employees get a real sense of purpose and freedom to operate at their best.

If you've ever been on the receiving end of high trust, clear purpose and systems that support your work you'll know how good this feels.

When there is high trust, things move a LOT faster, no second guessing, no negative feelings of distrust which a consume thinking and a lot of channelled energy towards a common goal which is defined with clarity and purpose.

Expect more energy, better interaction with colleagues and higher performance from yourself and employees.

Training Highlights

  • What leadership coaching is and how it works

  • Your natural coaching style and how it impacts others

  • When to engage in coaching conversations with your team members

  • How to conduct the Coaching Conversation

  • How to provide meaningful feedback and retain top performers

  • How to use coaching as a tool to develop key team members and grow your next generation of leaders

Now is the time to invest in your leadership team and create a Coaching Culture in your organisation. Become a proficient and knowledgeable Leader as Coach by enrolling in this highly interactive program and prepare your team today for the challenges of tomorrow.

If this programme interests you, lets have a conversation about how it could benefit your organisation.